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Punchy League – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Punchy League is a new endless boxing game for the iOS platform that lets you beat up anybody you want, playing as anybody you want. Want to see who would win between a boxer and a sumo? Between a t-rex and a unicorn? A demon and a samurai? It’s all here. Read on for some tips and tricks for Punchy League!

Your goal is to go as far as you can, as this is an endless game, so watch the movements of every opponent you encounter as you go. When the obstacle turns red, watch out as it is about to attack. The robot boxer, for example, will punch you, while the landmine will sprout spikes when it turns red, and then the spikes will retract when the light goes green again.

Try to punch as many with the same punch as you can. That is how you earn extra coins while you are playing. However, don’t let yourself get caught by an attack by accident, especially a spiked mine. Sometimes, you will even need to do slightly shorter punches in order to be a little bit more accurate. The longer punches might end up being tougher to win with.

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When you fight a challenger, sometimes they will do a slight punch that inches forward and constantly punches with the same hand. If you want to do this punch, the way to do it is to tap on left, then right, then left, then right, really quickly while one of your arms is already extended out. Use it to set yourself up to get into position, then knock em out before a long punch.

Once you get 100 coins, then you can play against a challenge. You can also practice for the challenger mode by grabbing one of your friends and playing the two player mode for awhile. It will be the same kind of challenge that the challenger stages are, you and the other player on a football field, trying to knock each other out, and whoever scores a touchdown first is the winner.

Different characters have different types of levels and enemies, rated at different difficulties. Go to the character select screen to see what they all are. They are rated either easy, medium, hard or insane. For example, the quarterback is rated at medium, and when you use him, the game changes so that you are fighting against missiles shot by the huge tank at the beginning of the game.