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Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android) – How to unlock every character in the game

Puzzle Fighter is a new Street Fighter-themed puzzle combat game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to beat other players and the computer at a competitive puzzle tournament in which you break gems to make attacks and sabotage each other. You have a ton of characters that you can unlock, from Street Fighter to Mega Man to Resident Evil and more. Read on for tips on how to unlock every character in Puzzle Fighter!

The most sure way to unlock a new character applies if you have a ton of gems laying around. Go to the store and there will be a new character available for purchase for 500 gems. Every day the store refreshes, so keep checking back because there is a new one every day.

Hit the missions, which are the single player mode, and play them as often as possible. Start the mission at the beginning of the 2-week cycle to ensure that you have as much time as possible to earn enough MP to unlock the event chest. Open the event chest and it will have big rewards inside, including a high chance of finding a new character inside.

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When you win a round in the online match battles, you’ll be able to take a spin inside of Honda’s Hundred Hand House. The prizes here range from common to rare to legendary, so take a spin and you’ll have a good shot at winning a new character. Most of the time it will be coins and new moves (and sometimes gems), but winning a character is not at all uncommon.

Purchase a chest in the store for a good shot at a new character. Chests contain a ton of cards; the cheapest one contains 169 cards and the most expensive one contains 228 cards, with those cards having a good chance at being a new character. It’s not as sure of a thing as buying the 500-coin character, but there’s a chance.

In the early days of this game, there aren’t that any characters available. As more updates come out for the game, more characters will constantly be added, and they will be available for unlock immediately after the developers release the update and after you download said update. Keep playing and keep looking out for all of the updates in order to unlock the new characters swiftly.