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Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Speed is the key in this game, but it especially becomes more important once you hit the bronze arena and are dealing with your opponent dropping timer blocks on you. When a timer block falls, it won’t become a normal block until after the amount of turns with the given number.

If you get to a certain rank and are having an extremely hard time winning anything due to the strength of your cards, lose a few on purpose in order to to drop down a bit, and then play the PvP again for an easy win so that you can get a nice reward in Honda’s Hundred Hand house. Use your rewards to continue to work on upgrading your main player character’s moves.

As you upgrade a character, subsequent upgrades will become more and more expensive, but their moves will become more powerful. When their moves become more powerful, their overall experience bar increases, and when their overall experience increases, the card itself will level up, and its attack and health stats will boost up along with it.

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When an event begins, you will have to earn 1,600 mission points or MP in order to be eligible to open the event rewards treasure chest at the end. You’ll only be able to open it if you earn all of the necessary MP within the time limit, and the limit can be a bit daunting. Harder battles are worth more MP, and you can spend gems to reload the missions, so if you end up stacked full of a bunch of easy missions, use your reload on those to get rid of them.

At the beginning of a battle, each character will have a large block of tiles shown next to their name. This is the order that they drop the timer tiles in when you crush tiles and drop a combo on them. Once you drop all of the tiles on the other player in order, the order will then reset and begin dropping from the bottom to the top again.

Each character typically has a 2×2 attack as well as something else, like a 3×2, 3×3 or 4×2. An alternative way to a powerful attack is to string together two 2×2 combos into one attack. When you build a 2×2 on the board, build a similar-colored 2×2 somewhere near it and link them together via one separate gem or offset them so that they don’t merge together into a 4×2 gem. When you finally clear the set of colors out, your character will pull off two 2×2 attacks instead of one.

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