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QB Hero: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

QB Hero is a new endless pass-throwing game for the iOS platform. You play as the quarterback, and your job is to throw passes to all of your receivers; the problem is, some are fast and some are slow, making it a challenge to time your passes so that they can be caught by all of them. Read on for some tips and tricks for QB Hero!

Part of the equation is aiming the ball properly, and considering the differing speed of the various receivers, the best way to aim the ball tends to be down low. Watch for them to run, and hold onto it for a second if they start slow, or throw it immediately if they start fast. You can keep this going for a very long time once you get the timing right.

To get a perfect throw, hit them right in the middle of the helmet with the throw. If you make a normal throw, you get one gem, but if you make a perfect throw you get three gems. If you make a second one in a row, you get four gems in one shot. The more perfect throws that you make in a row, the faster that you can load up on gems.

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Besides the gems that you get from making throws, there are two ways to get free gems in this game. One way is to compete the various challenges in the challenge menu (the one with an icon that looks like a trophy). The other way is to go to the in app purchase store and hit the button that plays a video for free gems. Play one and you get 25 gems. Play as many as you can until the videos run out, then play them again in about fifteen minutes and the videos will be back.

Hit the store and you have a ton of customizations which you can purchase. You can give the ball a new appearance, or your helmet, or you can change the background scenery (this is the most expensive purchase). The performance of the game will not change at all, but you can make the game look completely different just by purchasing a few of these mods.

Play Classic mode a specific number of times and you will automatically unlock Time Trial mode, which is a far better way to earn a ton of gems, as the round won’t end automatically when you miss just one throw. Play Time Trial 25 times and then you can unlock challenge mode.