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Q*Bert Rebooted: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Q*Bert Rebooted is a new iOS and Android game starring Q*Bert, and the second game to come out starring the old classic arcade character. You can play as Q*Bert, or as Q*Bert from the movie Pixels and other characters, and you can even play the old Classic Q*Bert in this one. Read on for some tips and tricks for Q*Bert Rebooted!

Even if you have played the original one before, play it again on this app because it is way, way more difficult than Q*Bert Reloaded, the new one. It’s especially difficult because of how haphazard the controls can be, but the thing to remember is to tap in which direction relative to Q*Bert himself that you want to go in. You can also hold in a direction to continously hop that way.

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You can collect gems in Reloaded but not in Classic, and then you can use them to purchase new characters in Reloaded. You already have multiple characters available for free, including Pixels Q*Bert and Zombie Q*Bert, so switch characters all you want. They all perform the same way but they’ll give a different look to the game.

Gameplay-wise, the biggest difference between Classic and Reloaded, besides Reloaded being easier, is the fact that you’re jumping on hexagons, rather than cubes. That means that in addition to all four diagonal directions, you can now jump directly up and directly down. Take advantage of this, as this means it is far easier to get away from enemies.

Watch the movement of the enemies while you are jumping around, and jump depending on which direction they are going in. Don’t just jump from square to square without looking or you will very rapidly jump into an enemy and crap out quickly. You’ll also probably end up swearing just as much as Q*Bert does when you have to go back to level 1 in Classic mode.

Get excellent scores and keep your lives while on Reloaded mode, and you will often get bonus levels. These bonus levels will contain a large amount of gems, although they will last a very short time, so jump around as much as possible in that short amount of time and try to earn as many gems as you can.