Quadblast – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Quadblast is a new deconstructed retro arcade shooter for the iPhone and iPad by Smiley Games. The point of this game is simple – your goal is to guide your little ball of light around a rectangular course, destroying and avoiding the dark spots, and to last as long as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Quadblast!

Stay around the corners of the screen. The best places to stay are either in the left or right side of the screen. Move up and down quickly, and sweep your laser all the way across the screen so that you can cover as much surface area as possible. Every once in awhile, when balls start spawning in your row, shoot a laser up or down to take them out, then keep on going.

When you’re playing the game, pause it and you’ll see a sensitivity option. Increase the sensitivity, as this will help you make quick movements to avoid the dark balls. The only time your sensitivity should be low is when your quests involve staying in the middle of the screen; otherwise, you’ll want high sensitivity at all times.

If you are going for a high score, ignore the orbs that drop out of the dark balls. You can use them to buy power ups, but you run a huge risk of getting killed when you jet across the screen to get them. To make it easier to earn more of them, purchase the magnet power up. Every once in awhile, go and collect large clumps of them, but don’t put too much focus on it or you will get distracted.

Get far enough into the game, and you’ll make it to “Round 2”. When you get there, the waves will reset, and it will be back down to wave 1. However, balls will spawn much more quickly at this point, meaning you have to pay very close attention to make sure you don’t accidentally wander onto a spawn point and die. However, you will still have your score multiplier and the points will pile on massively.

The same pattern repeats through round three, four, etc. It’s possible to get into the game an unlimited amount, but you have to be really good in order to pull it off. Purchase power ups to make it easier, such as the shield, the bigger laser and especially the speed power up.