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Questy Quest – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Questy Quest is a new puzzle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to move from level to level, finding a new campfire every five levels, and tapping as the slider hits the proper spot on the bar to land hits on the enemy and defeat them. You can collect coins, unlock new characters, weapons and helmets, and play in limited-time events. Read on for some tips and tricks for Questy Quest!

At first, you’ll only have to land one hit to defeat an enemy, but as the levels go higher, you have to land more hits, and the timing can be tough to nail down, so you’ll have to prepare for some frequent close taps. Don’t tap as soon as you think you hit the mark or you’ll get a lot of too-early taps. Wait until the marker is a little bit inside of the target as there’s some room for error there.

While getting new items is purely aesthetic at first, keep acquiring them because if you can acquire a duplicate, you’ll get a huge advantage. The duplicated item will level up, so if you equip the leveled-up item, the targets will be larger, so you’ll be able to tap on them more easily.

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You can earn a lot of coins from the levels themselves, but there are lots of opportunities to earn more outside of the matches. After each round, you’ll get the opportunity to watch an advertisement in exchange for 30 coins. That doesn’t sound like much at first but watch an ad every single time that you lose at a level, and the coins will add up EXTREMELY quickly.

Achievements are a great way to collect coins, items, and potions. To get to the achievements menu, go to the settings menu and tap on the button that says Achievements. If you have any that have been completed (which will be denoted with an exclamation mark on the icon), then you’ll be able to collect the rewards. For the rest, the game will show you what you have to do to unlock the achievements and get the reward.

Head back home to the quest guild whenever you want to complete some limited-edition quests. These will be much tougher than the ordinary ones, because you’ll have to kill multiple enemies in a row to get the reward, and you will have to use more taps to get the kill in. But once you do, you’ll get either a coin reward, or one or more items as a reward.