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Rabbids Crazy Rush – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Rabbids Crazy Rush is Ubisoft’s latest endless runner starring everyone’s favorite wall-eyed ugly rabbits that originated in the Rayman series. Your goal here is to complete quests, unlock new stages, and unlock a number of bonuses such as outfits. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rabbids Crazy Rush!

Every time that you get a laundry coin, you can take it to the laundry in exchange for a common suit piece. Every time that you stick a laundry coin in, you can also watch a video after you finish in exchange for double the prize that you won from the laundry coin. This might not seem like much just from one coin, but do it every time and you double the speed that you can unlock new suits.

The plunger is the form of premium currency in this game, because of course it is. THe primary way to earn more plunger is from in-app purchases, but it’s entirely possible to earn more plungers for free. Go to the store menu and you will be able to earn plungers in exchange for watching advertisement videos. Each video is worth one plunger, and you are limited only by the amount of available videos.

From the store area, tab over to the cans and you can buy more of them. Cans are the main currency, and they can be bought using plungers if you are so inclined, although they are so common that it’s fairly pointless to do so. In addition, you can also tab over to vehicles, which allows you to purchase power-up upgrades that affect your in-stage pickups. This can include anything from the fan, which allows you to fly, to the magnet card. Each upgrade will increase the duration of the said vehicle’s effect,

Each stage has its own quest that you have to complete in order to earn all three stars on the specific level. If you need to earn more stars to move farther into a level, then go back to an old stage that you have beaten before and complete it again in order to earn easy stars. Most levels are equally easy, really, so the order that you complete it in is up to you.