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Raceline CC – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Raceline CC is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platform. You drag race against other players on motorcycles, first by getting the best start off the line that you can, and then by drafting better than the other guy so that you can catch speed via slipstreaming off cars, and try to win the race. Of course, you can purchase loads of motorcycles as well as new parts for them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Raceline CC!

Starting off the race is easy – all that you have to do is make sure that your tach needle is in the green when the race begins, so you have to rev and make it stay there. Slipstreaming is a little bit trickier. You have to change lanes and get out from behind the vehicle right when the two little right-angles coming up from the left and right side of the screen come together. Then you’ll earn a “perfect” rating.

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When you do change lanes, change more toward the middle of the freeway rather than the edge, as the middle will almost always have more cars nearby, which means closer cars, which means jumping in and out of the slipstream a lot more quickly. Just make sure to watch out for other cars so that you don’t accidentally hit them, and especially watch out for your opponent, since if he’s next to you, you will be unable to change into his or her lane.

Be sure to purchase all of the upgrades that you need to make your bike faster, give it better traction and better slipstreaming. The tire upgrades, as well as suspension, will make it so that you can change lanes more quickly. Brake upgrades will allow you to go deeper into a slipstream before you have to get over to the next lane. Engine and gearbox upgrades, the most straightforward of all, will just make you go faster at all times.

Gold coins can allow you to buy upgrades instantly, without having to spend all of the silver coins for them. If you want to get free gold coins, go to the IAP store and one of the options will be for free ones. Open it and an offer wall will come up, offering both videos and offers to complete, as well as app downloads. The paid offers are the most lucrative, but most of the offers will be free ones.

If you want to get free gas (the game’s form of energy), then go to the date and time settings after you run out of gas. Set the time ahead by a decent amount, different depending on how much gas you have already used. Then go back to the game after doing this, and your gas will have been completely (or partially, if you didn’t set the time ahead enough) restored. You can do this trick as many times as you want to.