Racing Rivals: How to get free Gems and Cash

Gems and Cash are two different types of currency in Racing Rivals, which is the new Cie Games drag racer (no relation to the Car Town franchise). Cash enables you to buy most available goods, specifically car upgrades. New cars, however, are mainly purchased using Gems (or unlocking them by beating the campaign races). Plus, they allow you to speed up the installation of any upgrade you’ve ordered, or to instantly repair the engine damage on your car so that you can race at full speed again. Read on to find out how to get free Gems and Cash in Racing Rivals!

The main way to get free cash is to watch videos for cash. Go to the shop menu, and then go to the “Free” button and you will be able to watch videos, for as long as videos are available – if they aren’t, then check back later. If they are, then watch them and you will earn 125 coins for every video that you watch.

Of course, it’s far more fun to earn coins just by racing. Winning earns you the most coins in multiplayer,, but if you don’t win, you can still earn cash as a consolation prize, as well as earning cash for every perfect shift that you complete. Campaigns earn you the most money, but sometimes you’ll get stuck on a level, which is when you need to use the multiplayer to earn some cash.

Completing the sponsor goals is another good way to earn more cash. Tap on the picture of your trainer, and you’ll be able to see all of the sponsor goals. When you complete one, go to it and you will be able to collect the cash. Otherwise, tap on the ones that you have not completed in order to see what you have to do to earn them.

Sponsor goals are a good way to earn free Gems, as well. These usually consist of goals such as connecting to Twitter, Game Center or Facebook, or sending invites to people via Twitter, Text, etc. These are the only known methods to get free Gems right now, but keep looking for more sponsor goals which pay out gems as a reward.

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