Racing Rivals: How to get more cars

By | 20130901

Racing Rivals is a new street racing game that pits you and a bunch of other players against each other in a quarter mile drag race, all racing real cars. You start off with either a Scion tC, an old Honda Civic or a Dodge Dart Rallye, but as you continue on through the game you can get many many more cars. Read on to find out how!

When you go to the showroom, you can buy any car in the game, either with coins (the main currency) or gems, which are the premium currency. Any car that is in a class below your current class can be purchased with coins; otherwise, you can spend cash on the cars. Otherwise, any cars that are in your current class, classes up, or are special buy, will all cost you gems.

You can get a free car once you class up. To do this, beat all of the races in the campaign mode in the current class. You’re obviously going to need plenty of upgrades in order to win every race, as the last opponents can be VERY difficult to defeat, but once you do, you’ll get a list of new cars to pick from that are one class up. You can pick one of them. You can buy the others later.

Of course, the top way to get free cars in this game is to race for pinks. To do this, go to the track and wait for someone to challenge you to a race. When they do, increase the bet. Scroll past all of the coin options, and the last option will be “Pinks”. If you win, then you get their car, absolutely free. Of course, if you lose, you lose your car. You can buy it back for half-price gems with all of the upgrades afterwards for 24 hours.

One of the best ways to win the races for pinks is to take your class D car, upgrade it insanely high (NOS upgrades are especially effective), leave the bodywork alone, and (if possible) keep your street cred as low as possible. Wait for someone to challenge you who you think might have no idea what you’re running, then raise the bet. If they take it, time your shifts perfectly, use your NOS and beat them.

Note that you can’t race for pinks if you only have one car.