Racing Rivals Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Racing Rivals is a new drag racing game by Cie Games for the iOS and Android platforms, best known as the force behind Car Town and Car Town Streets. This game, unlike those two, features realistic animations of real cars such as the Scion TC and the Ford Focus Titanium, all the way up to exotics such as the McLaren MP4-12C and its GT3 racing counterpart, and allows you to get all of them, as well as to race against other players and computer challengers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Racing Rivals!

There are many different upgrades that you can go for on cars, ranging from those that boost horsepower and torque to those which drop the car’s weight, but almost all of the mods increase the amount of engine damage that will be done. Pick the “low hanging fruit” first. Go through the engine modifications and pick out the ones which add the most torque and horsepower (such as increasing the displacement, a cold air intake, headers and exhaust). They’re cheap, too – at least for the first stage of the upgrade.

As soon as possible, though, get the NOS conversion for your car, as well as the supercharger or turbocharger conversion, because only these will unlock the true power potential of your car. If you don’t buy them right away, then eventually you will get to a point where you need to buy them in order to beat the next opponent.

If your connection is bad, it will majorly throw off your positioning in the race that you’re in by causing your car to freeze in place for split seconds at a time. Shut down every other app that you are using if this happens. Look for a fix via an app update to come sometime soon (this is a brand new game, after all).

At the beginning of the race, rev the engine before the launch, and try to get the tachometer to the green light when you launch; however, if you don’t get it in the green light, better to be too low than too high, because too high and you will spin your wheels.

Once you get your timing down, start making bets with other players on multiplayer mode. Use the memorized timing to beat them soundly, but don’t bet everything away or you could end up going broke. If you’re afraid of losing money, simply play them for no money and collect coins off of the bonuses that you earn by winning.

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