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RAD Boarding – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

RAD Boarding is a new snowboarding game for the iOS that’s packed with all kinds of ’90s nostalgia. It’s possibly the first apocalyptic snowboarding game, and the gist of it is that while the apocalypse is heading, your character is shredding an endless batch of slopes, collecting coins, unlocking tricks and fighting bosses. You can collect other power ups and assorted goodies from popping inflated, floating frogs as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for RAD Boarding!

The way to get far is to hold the screen during the downhill and let go of the screen during the uphill. You have to time it right to maximize the effect and to keep away from the lava as much as possible. Most of the time you will land on an uphill portion if you have just been letting yourself fly through the air without any intervention. Prevent this by hitting the screen to dart downward while you’re over a downhill portion.

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Before each round, you can hit the question mark box, and if there is a prize available, you will be able to watch a free advertisement video in order to get said prize. Usually, this prize will consist of something like a coin doubler. Use them so that you can skyrocket the amount of coins that you earn, but save them until you have at least a few upgrades to the RAD mode magnet range so that you can take advantage of that for maximum coins.

The methods of beating the boss are fairly simple. Keep running as fast as you can and performing as many tricks as you can and avoiding the river of lava. If you can’t manage to avoid it, power up using the coins you earn, increasing the lava slowdown and the lava start delay by purchasing upgrades to those.

Keep doing more tricks in the air, and you’ll gain experience. The more consecutive successful trick jumps, the more experience you will earn per trick. When you earn enough experience points, you will gain a level, and each time that you gain levels, you will unlock even more tricks, along with other goodies.

Collect costume pieces by earning them, which is done by picking up more frogs and popping them, generally. If you pop a frog, you will get a prize. If you get all of the pieces of one costume, you will unlock the ability to wear that costume during your next run. Keep playing to collect all of the costumes!