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Raid Brigade – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Raid Brigade is a new action RPG by UltraBit and Kongregate. The game takes cute anime-esque graphics more reminiscent of mobile RPGs and applies them to this new genre, and adds a PvP reverse-tower-defense function just for fun. Your goal is to get a strong band of heroes together, take out rivals and their bases, and quest through an overworld full of challenges. Read on for some tips and tricks for Raid Brigade!

You can level up your heroes quickly by sacrificing existing heroes for experience points. When you have heroes that you aren’t using and you won’t be using anytime soon, put them to use so that you can level up your stronger and rarer heroes, the ones with a higher star rating.

However, don’t be too quick to let them go. You can only have two people in your attack party at a time, but you can have far more than two defending your base. Each station at your base can have one hero, except for your main tower, where you can station up to three heroes at a time. Smart defense is how you avoid all of your goods getting stolen.

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If you need to get more gold and wood aside from what your base earns you, or level up your heroes, or even find more heroes, go back to the stages that you have previously beaten, and you can play them again for the same kind of rewards. Once you run out of energy (you only get five at a time), go play the PvP mode, as this has its own separate kind of energy, which you also get five of. Once you increase your player level, all of your energy will be restored.

Your weapons can also be leveled up by sacrificing weapons that you no longer need or that are too weak to be worth equipping. Leveling up your weapons makes just as much of a difference as leveling up your heroes, if not an even greater difference. A very strong weapon can mean the difference between victory and defeat in the PvP mode or against a tough boss.

Save your rubies so that you can use them to get rare heroes and weapons. It costs 50 rubies for a rare hero chest, and 20 rubies for a rare weapons or items chest. There are many instances where you’ll be able to earn free rubies, although you can easily purchase more from the IAP store.