Rangers of Oblivion: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Rangers of Oblivion is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platform that puts you in control of one character, with a big variety of weapons, and an even bigger variety of behemoths and other monsters to face.

You can fully customize your character, craft new weapons and equipment, and then kill bigger and tougher monsters than before. Plus, there are a ton of extra challenges to take on, so you will never be lacking for something to do.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Rangers of Oblivion!

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to fully customize your character, but unlike in other RPG’s and MMO’s, you won’t be able to choose a class. All of the available customizations to your character are cosmetic. You can choose options such as skin color, gender, body type, facial shape, haircut, facial shape, and more. So even though none of these options affect your character’s gameplay, you can still either make one that looks like you, or just come up with something wacky.

While there are no class choices in this game, you can choose from a number of weapons, which simulate class choices due to how differently they work. You have six types of weapon to play with, and you can swap between them at will, so you can essentially change classes simply with the swap of a weapon.

The first choice is the Armored Gauntlet. These are a pure short-range melee weapon with the worst range, but they’re great for speedy and high-damage attacks. Despite the short range, they’re rather easy to use.

The Greatsword is a two-handed sword with slow attacks, but the attacks do gigantic damage when they do hit. It’s tough to use in most cases, but against enemies who you have to wait for the perfect moment to attack (especially specific bosses), they work very well.

The Lance is a one-handed weapon, but in your other hand is a shield, so your defense is very high when you use this one. Using the Lance is the closest simulation that this game has to being a tank.

The Longbow, of course, is your token ranged weapon, since you can blast arrows at enemies from far away. This makes it fairly easy to attack without taking much damage.

The Staff is a weapon with long range and a lot of elemental attack boosts. It can be upgraded and modified to win the elemental game of rock-paper-scissors, and the long range makes it easy to stay out of harm’s way while attacking.

The Twin Blades are two swords with fast attacks and good damage. They have a short-ish range, high attack power, and high speed, so they’re good if you want something in between the Greatsword and the Armored Gauntlet as far as weapons go.

Like in a lot of other MMORPGs, you can customize the appearance of the game significantly, so if you need to modify the game’s graphics to fit with the performance of the phone or tablet you’re playing it on, you can do so. If you’re using a brand new phone such as an XS Max, the Ultra setting shouldn’t cause any lag, but you can taper it down for older phones or tablets as well. And you can also modify the amount of other players who appear on screen at a time in order to declutter, or to make the lobby look busier.

Combat is your typical action RPG fare, but one of the main things that you can modify is the ability to target lock. You can turn this on or off, but always leave it on unless you want to make the game more difficult. Target locking automatically aims the camera at the boss, like in Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, but if you turn it off, you’ll have to keep moving the camera around to track the boss.

Behemoths are the big bosses in Rangers of Oblivion, and while they are tough to beat, there is an easier strategy to get rid of them. Scout them in order to look for a weak point. Behemoths attack in a pattern, and somewhere in that pattern, they will take a break from attacking and expose the weak point. Watch their pattern, avoid their attacks, and then smash them during a vulnerable moment.

Wild Souls are the game’s version of pets, and like pets in many other RPG’s, Wild Souls can give you stat boosts just for equipping them. Yoru five elementals of Wild Souls are Holy, Titan, Dark, Arcane, and Nature, which are good for different things; some of them are good for deboosting enemies, boosting you, or simply doing a ton of damage, while others are good for healing.

Raritywise, the rarest Wild Soul is Mutated, while Normal is uncommon and Desolate is common. Desolate ones are mostly worthless, so their best use is for leveling up the rarer ones, although if they are all that you have, they can be worth something to equip until you find something better.

You’re going to need a ton of materials to do all of the crafting you want, so tap on the material to see what level to get it on. Repeat levels in order to farm for materials, or simply to increase your experience levels and earn some new items. If you get stuck on a tough level, use farming in the old-school way to strengthen your party to finally pass the level you’re stuck on.

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