Ravenskye City for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Ravenskye City is the brand new entry tothe franchise that began with Ravenwood Fair and continued with Ravenstone Mine, but this is the first sequel that runs as a totally independent game. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Ravenskye City!

Your goal in Ravenskye City is to clear the debris in the ruins of your city and rebuild the city to its former glory. Debris includes various kinds of weeds, vines and rocks. Clearing them will earn you more money, wood and stones, and will cost you energy. You can get more energy by either visiting your neighbors’ cities or by buying more energy (this costs real money to do).

Blights, which look like big roots with eyes, will appear in the middle of you clearing debris sometimes and scare the characters in your city. You will need to wallop them and comfort your characters in order to allow them to carry on what they were doing. You get a bunch of money and experience for whacking them, but if you don’t whack them, they pose no harm to the buildings or characters in your town – they just slow down productivity when they scare characters.

Ravenskye City has much more of a story than other Facebook social games, and as youplay, complete quests, build, and clear out your city, you’ll reveal more of the story. Make the best use possible of your energy by sticking to the quests as much as possible in order to both gain levels quickly and to advance the story as quickly as possible.

When you build buildings in your city, you willneed various resources to complete the buildings. Almost all of your resources can be acquired by simply chopping down more vines and rocks. The exceptions are gustones,awakening stones, and purified snagvine root.

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Awakening stones can be gotten simply by planting awakening bushes in your farm plots.Come back when they are ready to harvest, and they will give you awakening stones. Gustones and purified snagvine root are harder to come by – you can either buy them for game cash or you can get them from friends. You can send gustones and purified snagvine root to your neighbors, though, and if they play Ravenskye City, they’re very likely to send them back. This one is a case ofgive more to receive more.

Buildings can earn you money that you can collect, and they earn more money faster depending on how many characters you have in your city. If a Blight appears right next to a building, they can scare anyone who goes near it and slow down your earnings, or stop them completely, so be sure to try and build either a totem or a bunch of decorations near your building, or simply build it away from any debris.

Totems allow you to ward off monsters withina specific radius as long as they stay energized. You can reenergize them or simplyleave them. They are best placed near your productive buildings, so when you re-energizeold totems in the city that are already there, you should move them near to where your workshop and other productive buildings sit instead of just letting them stay in the middleof nowhere.

Your city rank levels up, just like your character does. You can increase your city rank points by building more buildings, totems and decorations. The more you level up, the more “patches” (awards) you will earn, and the more of your city’s story will be revealed to you. Also, this makes more people show up at your city and causes you toearn more money from your various buildings.

Now you’re ready to start playing and progressing in Ravenskye City! Happy citybuilding!

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