Ravenskye City for Facebook: How to get more stones, energy, Gustone, Purified Snagvine Root, Awakening Stone, Stone Grit and other necessary items

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Ravenskye City has a number of very important items in the game that are necessary to complete quests effectively, but can be fairly scarce at times, so here’s some tips to get them.

Aside from getting stones by chopping up all of the rocks in your city, you can get stones by completing various collections. Some monsters, namely Creeper and Stonk, drop stones when you defeat them.

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You can also get stone from neighbors by going to their cities and chopping their stones. They can sometimes run out though, so another good way is to add a neighbor who has quit playing the game, or convince a friend of yours who doesn’t play the game to start a new city, then when they are your neighbor go to their fresh new city and hack away at a nearly unlimited amount of stones. If you play dirty, you can even run an inactive city on a second Facebook account and be your own neighbor, and raid your own city for stones. Of course, this might be against their terms of service so be careful. See also: Ravenskye City Gift Exchange and Add Neighbors List and find gift links for the specific items. You don’t even need to be neighbors to send and receive gifts. Just send them via the links and they will most likely send them back.

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That’s all for now! More tips? Comment!

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