Ravenskye City for Facebook: How to get stones and vines to grow back, and how to get more wood and stones

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In Ravenskye City, a point of frustration has often been that you can’t get enough stones because don’t grow back fast enough. Many more advanced players have also had issues getting enough wood because they have chopped up all of their vines and they can’t get the vines to grow back fast enough. There are ways to make them grow back faster, though, and to get more wood and stones without any regrowth. Read on.

The top way to regrow stones is to make sure you have built absolutely nothing in the quarry. No buildings, no decorations, nothing. If anything is there, then move it. When your whole quarry is empty, your regrowth will be maximal.

Everything else in your city will regrow when your percentage of cleared land is up to 2/3 cleared. Regrowth will be slow but steady each day once you have 2/3 of your land cleared, and the more empty space you have,the more stuff can regrow. Make sure your totems are not energized at all, too. They stop regrowth and monsters from appearing when they are energized, so just let them sit there inactive and you will see far more regrowth than you would otherwise.

Even before you get to 2/3 of your land cleared, you will see random rubble appear all over your city over periods of time. This rubble contains stones, and chopping up the rubble will earn you more stones just like chopping up regular stones will.

Once you see a monster appear, IMMEDIATELY stop what you are doing and wallop or clobber the monster. If the monster is a blight, you will get wood for beating it up.If the monster is a stonk or a creeper, you willget stones for clobbering it. The faster you clobber monsters after they reappear, the faster they rejuvenate while you are chopping wood or vines, or collecting from your various buildings.

Log in every day to collect your daily bonuses, too. Your bonuses will include rocks and wood.

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