Ravenskye City: How to get Awakening Stones

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Ravenskye City is one of the most popular new Facebook games lately. It’s the sequel to Ravenwood Fair, both by 6Waves Lolapps, and it takes the gameplay of the original and, as Emeril Lagasse would say,”kicks it up a notch”. Still, many points of contention and frustration exist in Ravenskye City, one of which is how to go about getting more Awakening Stones. So how do you get more awakening stones, and why exactly is this a point of contention?

For players who play the English language version of Ravenskye City, it’s fairly obvious how to get awakening stones. The game tells you how to get them. However, for those who play versions of Ravenskye City in other languages, a bad translation was used that tells you that you have to kill monsters in order to get awakening stones. The truth is, no matter how many monsters you kill, none of them will ever drop an awakening stone. All that will happen is frustration will continue to increase as you wait for that elusive stone to drop.

The real way to get an awakening stone is actually much more simple than that. First, you need to have farm plots placed somewhere in your city, which you should already have unless you sold the farm plots you started out with. Then, once you have farm plots placed, you need to go to the farming section of your shop, find the”Awakening Bush”, and then plant it. Once you plant your awakening bush, it’s only a waiting game. Wait until your awakening bush is ready to harvest, and then go and harvest it. You will get one awakening stone for every awakening bush that you harvest.

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If you want to earn awakening stones faster, simply plant more awakening bushes. Plant them in all of your farm plots. If you need more farm plots, you can either earn them by completing quests (once you earn them, they will be in your inventory, waiting for you to place them), or you can buy extra ones for 10,000 coins each. That’s expensive, so earning them through completion of quests is recommended – that’s much cheaper.

If you know more ways to earn Awakening Stones, post them in the comment box.

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