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Rayman Adventures – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Rayman Adventures is a new high-speed platforming game that’s out on the iOS and Android platforms. Like old time Rayman games it’s a side scrolling platformer, but like endless runners it’s an auto-running game. That doesn’t mean it’s any easier, though, as there are plenty of obstacles to get past, levels to beat and teensies and other characters to rescue. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rayman Adventures!

While the running is taken care of for you, there are a number of other controls you need to know. Tapping will cause you to jump. Swiping forward will make your character attack. Tapping when your character is on the wall will cause them to jump off of the wall. Swiping down will cause them to attack the floor. Swiping in the opposite direction will turn them around and start them off running the other way.

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As you go you’ll earn eggs, and then when they are incubated, you’ll hatch them and earn new creatures. The Green Pieces can help you to find more Teensies. The Rhinoz give you extra attack power against enemies. The Snifflers can break through ice. Tap on the question mark next to the name of the creature for a list of areas where you can find their eggs.

Each time that you rescue an egg, it will take some time to incubate. Put it in the incubator and let it go. As you get more and more eggs, they will take more and more time to incubate. Also, rare creatures will take longer to incubate than common or uncommon ones will.

You can get more gems for free by going to the IAP store and watching a video. Once the video finishes, you will get free gems. Another way to earn more gems is to go back to a level that you have less than three stars on, and try to earn a higher score. As you pass certain score milestones you will get free gems as a reward. If you have three stars, you already have earned all of your gem rewards from that level.

If you want to restart the game as another character, close out of the game, then start it back over and tap on the folder icon in the upper left corner of the screen. You’ll see three game-saving slots up there. Tap on one of the empty ones, or if all of your slots are already full, delete one to make room for the new one.