Real Fishing 2014 – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

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Real Fishing 2014 is Glu Games’ latest 3D fishing simulator and is the sequel to Real Fishing 3D. Your goal is to progress from fishing spot to fishing spot, catching little fish and big fish alike.

You’ll start off with very weak equipment but eventually as you increase ranks you want some of the most powerful equipment around.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Real Fishing 2014!

-When you are casting off, aim for specific spots around the fishing area that give you a bonus in either experience points or chance to catch a big fish.
-Reel in very slowly until you get a bite. But after that, start reeling in VERY quickly. Just don’t let your line snap.

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-Stop reeling in, and reel out just a little bit, when your tension bar goes into the yellow and orange. Start reeling again when the tension lets out.
-When the pull icon appears (the fish with the arrow next to it), yank to pull the fish closer and decrease tension.

-Upgrade your equipment as you are able to. Your reel, line and rod will get stronger and enable you to put more tension on the line.
-You have other upgrades as well that allow you to attract bigger fish. Strike a good balance between these and between increasing max tension.

-Save your pheromone power ups as well, until you have a setup that can handle the tension of a huge fish, or else you’ve wasted a power up.
-If you’re feeling impatient or adventurous, buy some bucks in order to purchase the most premium equipment faster.

-Or wait for the “earn free bucks” button to show up and tap that.
-Complete as many offers as you can in order to earn as many free bucks as you can.

-Spend the bucks on permanent upgrades whenever possible, rather than on one-time-use power ups. Use them on things such as rods and lures.
-Be choosy about what fish you stick in your fish tank because some fish are worth it, while others are worthless.

-Stick larger fish into your fish tank. They take longer to mature but they earn you far more money once they grow up.
-Stick rarer fish into the tank for the same reason, except multiplied exponentially. They take a long time to mature but they earn you a MASSIVE amount of coins for selling them once they are mature.

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