Real Racing 3 Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

By | 20130614

Real Racing 3, for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is one of the greatest racing games to ever come out for either platform, and if there is a greater racing game, then I’m not yet aware of it. It’s essentially the Gran Turismo or Forza of these platforms, as your goal is to race against real life people using an innovative staggered multiplayer that crosses a player’s performance with artificial intelligence, to collect R$ and Gold, and of course, to collect and upgrade cars as much as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Real Racing 3!

The game has many control schemes, from the Mario Kart veteran’s mix to the Gran Turismo veteran’s mix. Go to the options menu to change them. If you change it from auto to manual acceleration, and shut off the steering assist and the brake assist, then there will be a LOT of strategy required in driving – strategy that closely mirrors real life racing.

For example, you’ll need to learn the appropriate time to use the brakes, which, generally, is to use the brakes just before you start to go into a turn. How much to brake depends on how fast you are going and how tight the turn is. Use them lightly enough that you don’t slow yourself to a crawl, but heavily enough that you don’t skid into the dirt. Either slam the brakes before the turn, or start tapping the brakes before and into the turn, which is a technique known as trail braking.

You can also drift, which is done by using the accelerator more, the brakes less and sliding into the turn, or powerslide much the same way, which if done right, can help you keep more speed in and out of a turn, but you have to time it JUST right to avoid crashing into the dirt or spinning out. Drifting and sliding are impossible with the steering and brake assist on.

Either way, though, practice each course over and over, and finish out each course so that you can earn R$ and experience points. You’ll earn R$ and experience points no matter how you place in the race, so resist the temptation to quit a race. Even if you damage the car badly, you’ll win enough R$ to more than cover the cost of fixing it.

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