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Realm Grinder – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Realm Grinder is a new clicker game by Kongregate, who has built a mini-empire out of them with games such as Pocket Politics and AdVenture Capitalist. The goal in this game is to tap to earn gold, which you can then use to construct buildings for auto-earnings in your realm. You can choose to be a good or an evil ruler, earn gems and coins from various factions, and buy a nearly limitless amount of upgrades for limitless income. Read on for some tips and tricks for Realm Grinder!

One of the first early choices that you make in this game is to go evil, which is geared more toward passive income, or good, which is geared more toward tapping/active income. Once you choose a side, you’re stuck with it for the current session, but you will be able to change your side after you abdicate and reincarnate. As you progress further into the game and abdicate over and over, you’ll unlock the neutral faction, which will be found when you purchase various subfactions’ artifacts as upgrades, usually costing 25,000 of two different faction coins (for example, Titan is unlocked with 25K each of angel and goblin coins).

The first two spells will always be the same (Tax Collector and Call to Arms). The third spell will be decided by whether you go good or evil and the fourth spell will be decided by what subfaction you join (Elves, Fairies or Angels for good and Undead, Goblins and Demons for evil, Titans, Druids and others for neutral). The fourth spell can be a huge influence on your playing style, as much so as the various faction-related upgrades that you unlock in the game.

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When you are with a faction that has a high maximum amount of mana, wait for the mana to fill and then stack spells for absolutely gigantic amounts of income. A building booster or a gem booster combines very well with the Tax Collection spell.

At first, you will not be able to get free rubies in the game at all. Rubies are the premium currency in the game, and normally, you’re required to purchase them with real-life money if you want them. After enough abdications, once you’re loaded with gems, the ruby upgrade will unlock in the upgrade menu. Buy it and you’ll get your first free ruby. Rubies can then be spent to upgrade assistants, mana regeneration, max mana, gem bonus, or exchange bonus. You can also use a ruby to reset the ruby upgrades or to reset the excavations.

Use the scry boosts as often as possible. You can use them to either double all production for 4 hours, increase the mana regeneration for 10 minutes, or for an immediate boost in faction coins. The faction coin boost isn’t much later on, but early on in the game or right after an abdication, it can advance you towards buying a faction agreement very quickly, as well as load up your faction coins for some quick royal exchanges.