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Red Ball Up – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Red Ball Up is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where our goal is to bounce a red ball up as high as you can in order to get the highest score possible. This game contains references to the App Store “classic” Red Bouncing Ball, as well as to Super Mario Bros, as you jump past green pipes, bullet bills, spinning swords and all kinds of other obstacles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Red Ball Up!

You can unlock more characters/objects besides just the red ball. Each time that you jump, you get a coin. When you get a certain number of coins, you can spend them on a new ball. The cheapest ones cost 100 coins, while the more expensive ones cost up to 500 coins. They don’t change gameplay at all, they just give your ball a new skin.

Every four rounds or so, you will get the option to watch an ad video and earn 20 coins when you complete it. Jump as quickly as you can to begin the stage and smash yourself on the pipes in order to lose quickly. Do this four times and the video prompt will pop up again. Do this if you want to quickest possible method to earn coins.

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Otherwise, if it is just about the high score, slow your roll and jump slowly and gradually so that you can get a good look at the next obstacle. Figure out the patterns of their movement; if you do, then you can jump more quickly as the stage goes on. The exception is with the green pipes; you HAVE to jump fast to get through them before they close.

When you are waiting out an obstacle, be sure to let yourself fall enough that you don’t hit the obstacle above you. You can actually allow the ball to drop underneath the bottom ad banner. As long as you tap and make it jump before it falls off of the screen altogether, you’ll stay alive in the level.

If you want to compare yourself to other players of the game, go to the home screen and hit the Game Center icon to see all of the top scores. The top score is hacked, and is, of course, by Shaky Bird, but the rest of them, if they look at all realistic, are not hacked.