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Redungeon – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Redungeon is an endless dungeon-crawler game for the iOS and Android platforms by Nitrome, makers of many fine endless games. This game has you playing as a knight who quests through randomly generated dungeons, collecting coins and treasure while avoiding all manner of traps that are hell-bent on trying to kill you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Redungeon!

Every obstacle that you come across has a specific set of moves it makes in a very specific order. Hang back for a bit and watch the pattern before rushing in, so that you can figure out when exactly to go through and how to successfully pass by the obstacle. This is true for arrows, enemies, swinging swords, electrical Tesla towers and anything else.

Pick up the coins that are not gold in color. Green coins are worth two coins apiece. Blue coins are worth three coins apiece. The red coins, which are the most lucrative ones, are worth four coins apiece. The jars, which contain coins, are typically worth between 1 coin and 10 coins apiece, though you won’t know until you break them.

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You can use your coins to purchase a new knight, but that’s fairly expensive to start. Instead, upgrade your current knight, which is a cheap purchase. Each upgrade to your character will increase their health/armor. More expensive knights can take more hits than the cheaper knights, in general.

After you die, you will get an offer to either pay 100 coins to continue the round, or to watch a video to continue it. You won’t be able to watch the video unless you have an internet connection, but paying 100 coins to keep the round going is a fairly worthless idea because there is almost no way to make that 100 coins back all in one round.

Each time that you jump upwards, you earn one point. You don’t earn anything for jumping backwards or sideways, though, and if you backtrack, you won’t earn anything new for hitting a tile that you have already jumped on. You can hit the Game Center or Google Play leaderboard to see how you rank among the other players around the world.