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Reign of Dragons for iOS: how to get more Dorri and Gems

In Reign of Dragons, which is the new card battling game for the iPhone and iPod touch, there are two different types of currency that you can collect. The main type of currency is Dorri, which is mostly used to pay for enhancing and evolving your cards. The other, more rare and more premium currency is Gems, which can be used to pay for premium items and for premium card packs which have a higher chance of earning you rare cards than friendship point card packs do. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to get more Dorri is to play the quest mode as often as possible. You earn Dorri for every step that you complete in the quest, and you collect it after that particular quest is over. Maximize your Dorri earnings by playing quests the entire time that you have the free unlimited stamina bonus, and you’ll have more than enough Dorri to last you awhile.

In addition, when you battle against other players you have a chance to win Dorri as a bonus for beating them. You will earn Dorri if your team is strong enough to beat their team; however, you will lose Dorri if your team loses against their team. In addition, if they battle you and defeat you, you’re going to lose Dorri.

There are two other ways to earn a large amount of Dorri. One of them is to sell any cards that you don’t want to keep for either enhancing or evolving. Doing this is only recommended if you are very low on Dorri, as enhancing and evolving are always preferred. The other is to collect to Twitter or Facebook and post from the game. You can do this one time per day, and each time that you do you will earn a 10,000 Dorri bonus.

As for Gems, right now, the only known method of acquiring more Gems is to buy them with real money through the App Store. To do this, try to buy a premium card pack or an item that you don’t have the Gems for. Once you do, the option to buy gems will pop up, and you will have a choice of a number of different Gem packages, ranging from a one dollar package to a 99 dollar package.

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