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Reign of Dragons for iOS: How to get rare, super rare, mega rare and ultra rare cards

In Reign of Dragons, there are multiple rarities of cards that you can get. One star is the most common type of card, but it is also the weakest. One star cards are best used as place holders until a better card comes along; then, they can be used as a mixer to enhance the better card. Two, three, four, five and six star cards are uncommon, rare, super rare, mega rare, and ultra rare and the more stars and the more rare, the better the card is, but the harder they will be to find. Read on to find out how to find them all!

One way to get rare cards is to win premium keys and use them. Every time you get a premium key, you will get the chance to open one free premium card pack, which will be more likely to earn rare and above cards for you. In addition, though, you can (rarely) get three or four star cards from a free or friendship point card pack, so keep opening card packs to find them!

Participate in the Raid Boss battles and get ranked in the top tier in order to earn some very rare cards. The top battlers can earn one five-star card and one six-star ultra-rare card as prizes, so participate and find as many raid bosses as possible in order to rack up the most total points as possible. Also, complete a set of six treasure collection pieces and you will earn a rare or uncommon card as a reward.

Connect the game to Twitter and Facebook to post about Reign of Dragons, and when you do, you will earn free rare cards. You can only have one post per day about the game counted, but when you keep posting day after day, the posts will add up to earn you rare cards. In addition, if you enter a friend’s or someone else’s referral code, you will win a free rare and up card as a reward from doing so, and if someone else enters your referral code, then you will earn a free rare and up card as well.

The best way to earn free rare and up cards is simply to look at My Page and see what kind of limited edition quests there are to complete, because limited edition quests earn you rare cards. Also, if you evolve a card four times, it gains a star in its final form, you can turn any 2-star into a 3-star or a three-star into a four-star, etc, and power them up immensely with evolution.