RENDERED: 2014 Renault Scenic

By | 20110903

Courtesy of What you see here is a rendering of the all new 2014 Renault Scenic, thanks to the French magazine Auto Plus. Even though the current one is definitely much more of an MPV look, this one appears to take on a tall hatchback sort of look.


Whatever it is, it is far more stylish than the previous-generation Scenic, and it is also far more stylish than anything that Renault’s partner, Nissan, has out on the American shores. Come on, Nissan. Why not bring a Nissan badged version of this over here? Call it the Nissan Scenic? Maybe the Nissan Sentra Touring? Nissan Versa Touring, even? Reverse the dowdy Versa’s reputation for ugliness with this, because you’re certainly not doing it any favors with the brand new Versa sedan that just came out.


Anyways, this will get some rather small engines. Sources say to expect a 0.9 liter engine, as well as as a 1.2 and a 1.6 liter engine option. If by some long shot this ever showed up on American shores, I’m sure we could expect the 1.6 liter, which would be a carryover from the Nissan Versa, as well as the 1.8 as a possibility, which also would carry over from the Versa. Also, expect small four-cylinder diesel engine options, as this is Europe, after all.


We can also expect an all wheel drive variant on this as well, which makes it seem like a complete joke that we got the Nissan Juke instead of this, although I don’t think the Juke is as bad as some people think it is. A long wheelbase Renault Grand Scenic is also reported to be in the works as a competitor to the Mazda5 and a horde of similar small MPVs in Europe that aren’t getting an American release.

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