RENDERED: Audi A2 concept previews the real 2014 Audi A2

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Audi’s A2 is one car that certainly never got the credit it deserved. While it was a rather ungainly looking ride, the little miniature MPV was far ahead of its time in both its fuel economy and its construction. The all-aluminum A2 was produced from 1999 to 2005, carried a 3-cylinder engine, and saw fuel economy ratings between 50 and 55 MPG in real-world conditions.


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Now, Audi plans to take it one step further. The A2 will be all-electric, although according to Audi itself at Geneva, a conventional internal combustion engine is expected to be offered as well.


Oddly enough, the new A2 is actually going to be smaller than the current Audi A1, despite having two extra doors (although a five-door version of the Audi A1 is in the works as well), and some platform sharing magic should be expected, most likely with the A1 itself, although considering its size, maybe a stretched version of the Volkswagen Up! platform would be better suited for duty under the A2.


Will Audi bring the A2 to the US? Questionable, but they have announced that they plan to bring the next-generation A1 to American shores, so anything is possible. Considering the success of the Volt and the Leaf as halo cars, and the fact that Cadillac is bring the ELR to our shores as the first luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicle by an established brand, it would make all the more sense.


The A2 will be a four-seater with a flat floorboard, and two levels of cargo carrying space. Unlike the last A2, the new A2 will have a much more conventional hatchback design with similarities to the A1 and the new A3. Audi doesn’t stray too much from the formula these days, and the first A2’s unconventional design is what led to a lack of sales in the first place.




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