RENDERED: Porsche’s Ferrari 458 Italia fighter, the 961

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Pictured here is a rendering of the all new Porsche 959 replacement that is set to do battle with the Ferrari 458 Italia. This is reportedly going to be called the Porsche 961. 08/Porsche ’s-Ferrari-Opponent-Rendering.jpg

The big news about the Porsche 961 will be the engine that drives power to the wheels. Porsche is working on a flat 8 engine to power the 961 . Nothing is official yet, and the word is that that flat 8 is “being considered” to power the car, but it makes sense considering that the range topping 911 GT2 RS still uses a flat 6 and Porsche is working on a flat 4 to power the future entry level roadster, as well as potentially future iterations of the Porsche Boxster and the Porsche Cayman. The flat 8 could become an even bigger selling point than the Carrera GT’s V10. And imagine tha exhaust note..

Transmissionwise, the CEO of Porsche has hinted that a variation on the Porsche Carrera GT’s transmission could be used to power the 961 . This is good news for stickshift enthusiasts, as the Carrera GT had a manual transmission.

The small size of the Carrera GT’s transmission would allow room for the future flat 8 to fit inside of the 961 ‘s engine bay. This isn’t Porsche’s first foray into flat 8 engines. They previous developed a flat 8 in the 60 s that was used in F1 cars, and a version of said engine was ported into the Porsche 908 . That engine was a 3.0 liter mill and put down 300 horsepower all the way back then, so a bigger flat 8 now could VERY easily put down more than 600 horsepower and give both the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Gallardo a run for their money.

While the Porsche 961 (or whatever Porsche decides to name their new Ferrari fighter) won’t debut that the Frankfurt Motor Show, expect more information about the mid engined, rear wheel drive supercar to come out fairly shortly.

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