Resort Hotel: Bay Story – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Resort Hotel: Bay Story is a new match three puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. You’re staying at a dilapidated hotel owned by your uncle, and your goal is to fix up the hotel. To do this, you need to solve puzzles and earn keys.

You have five lives which you can manage in order to play the game up for as long as possible. You can also earn coins in order to buy brand new furnishings, furniture, and exterior enhancements for the hotel. Read on for some tips and tricks for Resort Hotel: Bay Story!

You need to keys in order to complete the various tasks and classes that are assigned to you. In order to get keys, you need to play in three levels. You don’t need to finish them a few moves as possible or to earn any kind of high score. You just need it to win before he run out of moves.

While the puzzle gameplay is very similar to similar games such as candy crush saga, there are a number of differences. For one, the special tiles are significantly different in this game than in others, and you can earn more different types of them.

If you match four in a row, you get the usual line clearing rocket, and if you match five in a T or L shape, you get a bomb that blows up three squares by three squares. Beyond that is where things get interesting.

If you match five pieces in a row, you get a larger bottle. If you match five pieces in the shape of a 2 x 2 square with one other piece hanging off the side, you get a double rocket, which is the same as using two rockets at the same time. If you match six pieces in any formation, you get a rainbow piece that clears everything of the same color. Normally, this is reserved for five tiles in a row in other, similar games.

You start the game with five lives. Any time you quit a level or run out of moves, one of the lives goes away. If you win, though, you will not lose anything.

Each level gives you a specific task to complete, such as clearing all the pieces of one color or getting rid of all the grass. However, sometimes it is more beneficial to deviate from this task in order to create more special tiles. These special tiles can clear out for more of the necessary pieces at a time then just matching three over and over.

If all you want is a match three game and you don’t care about rebuilding the hotel, you don’t have to do any of the tasks. All you have to do is simply play level after level, ignoring rebuilding goals and racking up the keys. If you change your mind later and decide to rebuild the hotel, you will have a massive amount of keys at your disposal.

You don’t even have to spend any coins if you don’t want to. The initial fix is always free. If you want to change your design, that’s when you spend the coins, but if you don’t want to change your design, you don’t have to.

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