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Rider (Ketchapp) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Rider is a new endless driving game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms. This applies simple, minimalist neon-style graphics to the gameplay of a game like Bike Race or Hill Climb Racing, challenging you to race and flip as far as you can in the level. You can play in both endless modes and level-based modes, collect coins, and unlock new cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rider by Ketchapp!

When your wheels are touching the track, holding your finger down on the screen accelerates your car or bike. If you are airborne, then holding the screen causes you to spin backward. Spin backwards long enough to do a flip – you can even do more than one flip in a jump. You’ll earn one bonus point for every flip that you can successfully pull off and land. They don’t count if you can’t land them, though.

Once you fill the gem meter, you’ll be able to win a new bike. First it’s 500, then 550, then 600, etc, with 50 more gems required for each successive bike that you unlock. They’re divided into common, rare, epic, or legendary bikes. The only real difference is the speed of the spin and the length of the wheelbase. Longer wheelbase vehicles tend to land in a more stable fashion, but the flips also tend to be slower. The best car is the car that fits your style the most. You have to experiment to find the best car, best bike, or best vehicle in general.

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Want to earn gems quickly? Aside from completing the challenges, you can also earn 200 gems every time that you watch an ad video or an ad game. Once the ad is complete, you’ll earn the gems, and once you finish a run, you’ll see the ad offer pop up. Or go to the gem store and an offer will automatically pop up, and you can take that offer over and over again in order to load up on gems and unlock a ton of bikes.

You can also unlock a number of different color palettes for the world around you. You can’t buy these ones with gems – you have to earn them, and this is typically done by completing challenges. Every multiple of 15 unlocks you a new theme, although the themes stop at 90 for now (more will probably be added in a future update).

In the level-based mode, you can play them in any order that you want within the available difficulty levels. Easy, of course, will unlock first. Moderate, difficult, and extreme come later, but you can unlock those by beating a specific number of available levels – six for medium, 12 for hard and 18 for extreme. To make it easier to unlock them, you can play all of the easy levels before even attempting any moderate levels (ditto for moderate/hard).