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Rise of Civilizations: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Rise of Civilizations is a new MMORTS by the folks at Ubisoft-partnered Lilith Games for the iOS and Android platforms. This game combines the customization and cartoonish graphics of Clash of Clans with the complexity and depth of a Kingdoms of Camelot for a unique take on the real-time strategy game, with a base that you can load up with buildings in the design of your choice, transitions from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and beyond, and the ability to collect gems, resources, and more as you battle against barbarians and against other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rise of Civilizations!

Work on building up your city hall, first and foremost. Each of your buildings can be upgraded to a level equal to the level of your city hall, and once all of your buildings are upgraded to that level, you’ll need to upgrade your city hall again to progress. Not only will you unlock new upgrade levels, you’ll also unlock new buildings, and occasionally, a new age (e.g. at level three you’ll move from Stone Age to Bronze Age)

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Battle is largely a numbers game, for the most part. Your barracks, archery range, and other troop-training buildings should always be running, unless you’re upgrading them, which increases the amount of troops that you can train at a time. In order to unlock new troops, build the academy and start doing research until you find the research that unlocks a new troop.

Collect your quest prizes only when you actively need them. You’ll earn food, wood, then later on, stone and gold, but other players can attack you and steal them. Your warehouse will keep some degree of loot safe, but anything that you win as a quest prize is safe as long as you haven’t hit the claim button for the quest yet. Wait on hitting the claim button until the resources are needed to build or upgrade something.

Join an alliance as soon as you can. Once you’re in one, you can participate in alliance wars, shop for special goods, do exclusive research on technologies not available in the academy, capture holy sites, and help your fellow alliance members out. If you run your own alliance, you can claim and build territory, as well.

Moving your base close to the other bases in the alliance can provide huge benefits, but before you do that, make sure that your alliance is one you will want to work with in the long term. Stick around for at least two days before you move your territory; if you end up wanting to quit the alliance after you move, you’ll be out of luck.