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Rival Gears – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Rival Gears is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can load up on cars and race against others for money and reputation, as well as unlock loads of new cars and upgrade your cars and their stats. Most of all, you can bet and race against other players and work your way towards increasingly-tough boss battles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rival Gears!

When you’re racing, the strategy is fairly simple. Drive behind your rival or behind random cars in order to draft and speed up. When you are behind a random car, their lights will flash to notify you when you are getting too close, so be sure to avoid running into them or you will lose time on your race. Build your boost and then use it to charge ahead when you can.

If you do not have the reputation to face a particular computer-based opponent, then go to the hangout for whatever your rank is (newcomer, rookie, etc). You can make bets and risk more money for the chance to make more money, but even if you win the race, you still make money via bonuses, and you will still win reputation and boost cards for upgrades.

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Once you have the boost cards to do so, go to the upgrade page and start purchasing upgrades for your car to boost speed, acceleration, stability, or the boost power. A manufacturer kit can be purchased as well and while this tends to be more expensive, this will give you boosts all across the entire spectrum. Their cards tend to be more rare than cards for the individual upgrades.

Go to the cash and gems store and you’ll see a free button that allows you to earn either gems or cash in exchange for watching a video. You can watch as many of these as you want and earn currency as long as videos are available. If you tap the video link in the upgrade store, you will earn upgrade cards instead of currency.

Join a pro team as soon as you can for special boosts that help on and off the track. You can boost everything from cash to performance to upgrade parts, depending on what upgrades the leader has purchased. It’s more difficult and more expensive to be the leader of your own pro team, but if you do decide to found your own team, that means that you get to decide on what boosts the entire team gets.