Rival Knights – How to get more gemstones and gold coins

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Gameloft’s new iOS and Android smash hit, Rival Knights, takes you back to the Middle Ages where knights joust in tournaments for fame, fortune, and for the King’s Chest (in this game). There are two forms of currency in Rival Knights. Coins are the primary form of currency, and are used to buy most of the equipment that’s available in the store. Gemstones are used to buy the rare equipment as well as the boosts at the beginning of every round. Read on for some tips and tricks for getting more gemstones and coins in Rival Knights!

The main way to earn coins is to simply play each round in the game. Whenever you win a game, you will win gold coins; whenever you tie or lose a round, you’ll still earn gold coins, but slightly less of them. You’ll earn even more gold coins when you get three different bonuses in a round. Perfect starts, perfect hits and high speed bonuses will earn you an extra thirty coins apiece.

If you are stuck on a stage, you can go back to any of the training rounds and play them. They will earn you less coins, but they are rounds that can be played quickly, and when you win, you’ll earn 90 coins each. Add the three bonuses to that and you can speed up your coin grinding/farming.

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Play in the event modes against other players, and the same is true; when you win, you earn coins, and when you tie or lose, you will earn slightly less coins. You will earn the same coins per round no matter the difficulty of the rider that you face, so go for the easiest riders possible per event.

You’ll earn loads of coins or gemstones (or both) for participating in each event. The higher you rank at the end, the more of a prize you’ll earn. This is also a great way to earn rare armor, lances, horses and helmets for free. Plus, when you get participation points, you’ll earn a bonus of either gold coins or gemstones depending on how many you have at the end of the event.

You can also earn gems from special rounds. For example, when you joust against either a miniboss or a boss and win, you’ll earn gems, and when you play a round where you have only one chance to win, you will earn one gem as well. Other than that, you’re stuck either buying gemstones or buying gold coins. Unfortunately, there aren’t any offer walls to earn gemstones or coins, and if you try to hack the game, the developers will ban you for doing so.

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