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15) Speed up the upgrade time by using the time lapse cheat.
The upgrade time doesn’t take too long, but if you are impatient, then you can go to the date and time settings on your phone or tablet. Set them ahead only by how long it takes to complete the upgrade, not too much time because then the game sometimes will resync with the server, causing you to lose the time boost. So use this tip with care.

14) Use the same trick to get back your royal seals and your social seals after you use them up.
For each one, it takes about six minutes to recover. So set the time ahead by about six minutes per seal that you need to recover. Try to only do one to three seals at a time rather than six, to prevent the above mentioned problem of the game getting synced back up with the server.

13) Wait until you unlock new equipment in the sponsored matches before you purchase anything.
Equipment that is unlocked in the sponsored matches will be more powerful and cheaper than the standard equipment that is always available to purchase in the store. Only purchase new equipment when you need to so that you don’t accidentally blow a bunch of money on equipment that isn’t all that great.

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12) Pay attention to the horse’s load rating and the equipment’s weight rating.
The horse will have a certain load rating, and all of your equipment put together will have a certain weight rating. You won’t be able to ride if your equipment’s weight exceeds your horse’s load, so pay attention while you are shopping. Upgrade existing equipment rather than buying new equipment if you need to.

11) Consider the lance’s difficulty to aim, and the horse’s difficulty to handle.
The more difficult the lance is to aim, the more it will move around when you are trying to get that perfect hit. The more difficult the horse is to handle, the smaller that the green “perfect” area will be on the speed-up bar. Try to go for the easiest horse and lance to handle if you can, but if you’re pretty good at aiming, then don’t worry about it too much.

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