Rival Knights – Top 20 Tips, Glitches, Cheats and Tricks

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Rival Knights is mega-publisher Gameloft’s newest smash hit for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to engage in jousting tournaments against other knights, with the goal being to send them flying off of their horses and to prevent them from doing the same thing to you. Read on for the top twenty tips, tricks and cheats for Rival Knights!

20) How to get a perfect start
A perfect start is the first key to achieving consistent victories. The best way to get a perfect start is to first, time the countdown until the horse goes. Then, hit the screen between 1/8 of a second and one quarter of a second before the “go”, and you will get a perfect start every single time.

19) How to get a high-speed bonus
You have to stop the arrow on the green portion of the half-circle speed bar, rather than the yellow or grey areas. The first one is most important, and is often to toughest one to get, since when you get a perfect start the horse rears up on its hind legs. After that, nail as many perfects as you can. If you get one or two greats, you should still get the high speed bonus.

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18) How to get the perfect hit bonus
This one can be extremely tricky. You have to aim the lance so that it hits inside of the little circle. If it hits anywhere outside of the little circle, it won’t be perfectly inside, and you’ll get a “great” or worse rather than a perfect. The lance will be moving, as will the target, so you have to figure out what direction the overall movement is going, and work against it.

17) When you begin a round, pay attention to the three red/green bars at the top of the screen.
The green side and the red side represent your attack, defense, and speed, and the rival knight’s attack, defense and speed. The bigger the green is, the more of an advantage you will have. The bigger that the red is, the more of an advantage your enemy will have. All that maens is that you will have to be more and more perfect to win if it’s a bigger advantage for your enemy.

16) Purchase new equipment or upgrade your existing equipment in order to increase your stats.
You can purchase equipment using either gold coins or gemstones. Upgrades will take a certain amount of time to complete. Purchases of new equipment, however, will finish right away. Each piece of equipment can be upgraded up to six times.

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