Rivals at War: 2084: FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

By | 20130728

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It doesn’t matter whether you actually take the time to watch the battle or not, but watching the battle can help you see what each type of player does and form a strategy when you go to the card management screen. You can also see the difference between the various special kills.

At the end of each battle, you win coins and experience points based on whether you win or lose, and how many specials you earn in the battle. Each special is determined by how many special kills you get. Special kills are streak kills, headshots, group kills, veteran kills, and revenge kills. For each special kill that you get, you earn one extra coin and one extra experience point.

Managing your cards correctly is the only way to ensure that you actually win in this game. You have six types of fighters. The commander gives a bonus to all of the other cards. The sniper hides and goes for headshots. The destructor uses explosives and is the only fighter who can earn group kills. The scout gives a bonus to the heavy gunner, sniper, and destructor by scouting out the enemy soldiers. The heavy gunner covers the others with machine guns. The medic has the ability to heal the other soldiers.

You can mix and match them however you want. The destructor is unlocked at rank 6, and the sniper is unlocked at rank 10. Every other type is available right from the very beginning. Put one of each type in your party for a team score bonus of 5. In addition, look for the flag by each of your characters. This is their home star. If all of them have the same home star, then your team score will increase by 5 as well.

Each character has a score, which is determined by a combination of their attack, defense and hit points. Bronze soldiers have the least points, while gold and elite soldiers have the most. Gear and skill perks can increase their scores dramatically.

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Your party members can each equip a helmet, a gun, body armor and boots. Your “gear” cards are one of these. You can manually equip them, or if your character has an exclamation mark by their name you can tap on them and hit “Equip best gear” to ensure that they are automatically equipped with the best gear.

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