Rivals at War: 2084: FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide

By | 20130728
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Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Rivals at War: 2084 by Hothead Games! Rivals at War: 2084 is the sequel to the original Rivals at War, which sets teams of six against each other in a battlefield, to complete a mission. You don’t directly control the team members, as the battle itself is a zero player game – instead, you manage the players, their equipment, their stats and their skills, in the manner of a CCG. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Rivals at War: 2084!

This game is a very simple game to learn, but extremely difficult to master. There are four different modes of play. The main mode is the Star Maps mode, which sends you into mission based gameplay. Your goal is to progress from planet to planet, completing the given goal of each planet, which can be to win five battles, play in ten battles, or some other goal. When you complete the goal you can claim your prize, which will differ depending on the planet. You can earn bucks (the premium currency of the game), coins (the standard currency), free cards, or experience points.

The second mode, the quick play mode, allows you to simply play a round against someone else. Rivals allows you to challenge a Facebook or Game Center friend, or a player who you’ve decided to rematch after a battle. Campaign opens up a league-style tournament in which you and at least ten other players compete bucks and coins.

The three types of campaigns are the regular one, which matches you up based on your rank. Rank is the “experience level” of the game. The veteran campaign matches people up in a completely random fashion, while the elite campaign, which is unlocked when your team rating hits 50, functions similarly to the veteran campaign, except you’ll never get matched up against someone with a team rating of less than 50, meaning tougher battles.

In each of the campaigns, you and the other players will compete for points. A win is worth two points in the regular campaign, and three points in the other two. A loss is worth 1 point. The top three finishers will win large prizes of bucks and coins, while the other finishers will win a small participation prize.

The matches all work the same way. You manage your team, and once the team is just the way you want it, you can either choose to watch the entire battle, which is fleshed out in a battlefield and shows your team and the other team competing in 3D. Or you can simply skip ahead and find out the results.

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