Rivals At War: 2084 – How to get free Bucks and Coins

By | 20130726

Rivals at War: 2084 is the sequel to the smash hit original “zero player game” by Hothead Games. This game features the same two types of currency as the previous one, which are coins and bucks. Coins are the regular currency, while Bucks are the premium one, and both of them can buy you everything from new players, new weapons and upgrades, new tactics, and more! Read on for info on how to get more bucks and coins in Rivals At War 2084!

The number one way to get free coins is, of course, simply to play more games. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the star map, the campaign mode, the quick game mode, or multiplayer – whether you win or lose, you’ll earn free coins, except that you’ll earn more of them when you win than when you lose. In addition, when you gain an experience level, you’ll earn both free coins and one free bucks, and when you get deeper into the more advanced missions on Star Maps, many of the missions will start to include free bucks as a reward.

Earn a LOT of free coins by watching videos for coins. Go to the “coin purchase” menu by tapping on the plus sign next to the coin counter and then tapping “watch to earn”. Each video earns you 300 free coins. Watch as many as you want to load up on coins. As well, go to “trade bucks” to sell your bucks for coins.

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Go to the “Free Bucks” button in the same menu and you will find loads of offers that you can complete in exchange for free bucks. Go to tapjoy.com on your phone, login, find RAW 2084 and start completing the app download offers, and you’ll earn free bucks that way as well.

Get both free bucks AND free coins by going to the campaign mode, completing all ten games per campaign, and then waiting for your prize. You get at least 300 coins and 5 bucks just for playing all 10 games, and if you place in first, second or third place, you’ll earn FAR more as a bonus, so save all of your tactics cards for the campaign modes.

Go to the My Team tab to look through your achievements that you haven’t completed yet, and work on completing them. When you complete them, you’ll earn bonus coins. Complete more and more missions in the Star Maps area to earn free bonus coins and bucks, too.