Rivals at War: 2084 – How to win in the Campaign Mode

By | 20130728

Campaign mode is the center of the social action in Rivals at War: 2084 by Hothead Games. While every single game mode here matches you up against other people, the campaign mode is the only one which puts you into a tournament pool against ten other players. In each of the campaign modes, you play a set number of games, as does everyone else in the pool. The participants take home rewards such as coins and bucks, and the winners can take home LARGE amounts of bucks. Read on for tips on how to win in the various campaign modes!

There are three campaign modes which you can choose to play. The regular mode puts you up against players who are of a similar rank to you (experience level). Therefore, if you are rank 10, you will face other rank 10 teams. Veteran mode makes completely random matches. Elite campaign does the same thing as the veteran campaign, except that it’s only open to those who have a team rank of 50 or above, therefore everybody you face will have a team rating of at least 50.

Each mode requires different strategies in order to succeed. The strategy for the regular campaign is to become strong for your rank, which is done by getting better soldier cards. It’s important to do this early in the game. The easiest way is to complete offers for bucks and watch videos to earn free coins, and then use your earnings to buy cards. Try to get as many soldier cards as possible, and if you can afford the premium Soldier Pack, even better.

To beat the veteran campaign, the strategy is a little bit different. Of course, you shouldn’t even attempt playing veteran mode with out at least six silver cards on your team, all equipped with weapons, armor and stat boosts. You don’t know who all you are going to face, but mostly you’ll face stronger teams. You can beat stronger teams using all three of your tactic boosts, especially if you are using gold boosts.

Formulate your team right and you can majorly increase your team ranking. For example, if you have one of all different types (one commander, one demolisher, one scout, one medic, one heavy gunner and one sniper), your team rank will automatically increase by five. If all of your soldiers are from the same home star, your team rank will increase by five as well.

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Finally, the elite campaign is the insane one. To beat the elite campaign, take the tips associated with the veteran campaign and take them to the next level. You should have six gold soldiers and, ideally, at least one elite soldier. Fight all the way through the Betelguese system in the Star Maps mode to get free elite soldiers if you need to. Otherwise, do everything that you would normally do in the veteran campaign.