Rivals At War: 2084 Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130726

Rivals At War 2084 is a new Android and iOS game by Hothead Games, the maker of the original Rivals At War. Rivals At War: 2084 is a direct sequel to the original with similar gameplay but a much different and more futuristic theme, as well as new modes of gameplay. Your goal, just like before, is to complete in various modes of play, mostly against other players, by putting your cards out there against your opponent’s cards, (optionally) watching what happens when they play against each other, and powering up your deck to be as powerful as it can get. Read on for some tips and tricks for RAW 2084!

Most of what decides the game is your team score vs your opponent’s team score. Work on increasing your team score by playing as many games as possible, and when you run out of energy (or run out of games to play in the Star Map), go to the time area in your phone’s settings and set the time ahead by an hour or two, or enough to get all of your energy back. Then use up all of your energy, and do the same thing again, repeating as many times as you want to.

Use all of these extra games to rack up tons of coins, and then go to the card pack menu and use every 1000 coins that you have, and buy as many silver card packs as you can. Complete all 10 games per day on the campaign mode, and use the 5 free participation bucks each day to buy gold card packs. Any time that you get gold or silver player cards, add them to your team.

Save your tactic cards for campaign modes, so that you can load up on big bucks by winning all of the games (or as many of the games as you can). For star map missions that use the quick battle mode, try not to use your tactics, or use only bronze ones if at all possible. Save the good ones.

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Mix and match the type of soldier if you’re having trouble winning. Keep your team as balanced as possible by adding many different types of soldiers to your team. Change the mix if you aren’t winning much.

If you aren’t acquiring silver soldiers or gold soldiers when you open silver or gold packs, don’t worry. The likelihood of acquiring soldiers from the packs is actually all based on luck, so keep trying – you’ll get packs with soldiers, sometimes even as many as 3-5 soldiers at a time.

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