Rivals At War: 2084 Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130728
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Another way to look at the various achievements that you can accomplish within the game is by going to your “My Team” menu, tapping on the achievements, and then scrolling down the list to see what achievements you have not yet completed. All of the achievements earn you coins, some earning you as much as 7,500 coins at one time, which is great for loading up on silver weapons and tactics. It’s good for silver players, too, until you load up your team with silver players, which actually happens fairly quickly.

Pay attention to what type of soldier each card is before you add them to your team, and watch the actual games for a better example of what each soldier type does. For example, snipers hang back and fire headshots at a range. Medics heal your other soldiers. Scouts get in close. Heavy gunners bring up the rear, covering the scouts and medics. Destructors use heavy explosives from a range and are the only troop that can kill multiple enemies at once. Put a good mix of different types of soldiers on your team for the best results, even compared to a better team with another score.

In addition, when putting your team together, if you fill it with soldiers who are all from the same planet (you can tell by the planet flag), your team score will get a 5 point bonus. Also, if you play a game with all the same type of soldier, you’ll unlock a 600-coin achievement. You can unlock this achievement once for every soldier type.

When playing on the campaign mode, save up at least a 500-coin cushion so that you can play for a sustained amount of time with a perfectly healthy team. Your players are far more likely to get critically injured or have their equipment broken in tough battles. Players cost 100 to 200 coins to heal, while equipment costs between 25 and 100 coins to heal, and often you’ll get two critical injuries and two broken equipments during the same battle. Save these coins so that you can heal them easily.

Be sure not to waste your tactics cards if they don’t apply to your team. For example, there are sniper boost cards, but they are not worth using if you are below rank 10, and thus haven’t unlocked the snipers yet. Read your tactics cards before you use them, to make sure that you’ll actually get an advantage.

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