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Road Riot Combat Racing – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Road Riot Combat Racing is a new endless combat racing game by Tango for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to drive on the street for as long as possible, kill as many rival cars as you can, and go for as long of a distance as you can without getting yourself killed. Read on for some tips and tricks for Road Riot Combat Racing!

While gemstones cannot be earned this way, there is a quick free and easy way to earn more coins and more keys. Go to the respective in app purchase stores for both of these types of currency, go to the bottom left corner, and tap on the option that either says earn free coins or earn free keys. an advertisement video will pop up and once it is finished, you will receive your earnings. Do this as many times as you want for as long as there are videos available for you to watch.

Despite the nature of the game, defensive driving is actually the easiest and best way to stay alive. Your main focus should be on avoiding other cars and not getting hit. The more hits that you take, the faster you will end up dying off. do not let any other cars hit you, by any means possible.

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Of course, sometimes the best defense is a very good offense. Keep the guns blazing at all times. Often times you will end up having to kill the person in front of you in order to make a whole. Whatever that is the case, commit to shooting out one car until it blows up as opposed to constantly switching who you want to try to fire at. Doing the latter will end up causing you not to kill any cars.

Make sure that you are upgrading your vehicle as often as possible. The more upgrades that you put on your vehicle, the better your office in defense will be and the board that you will be able to go for a long time in each stage. Save up your coins if you need to in order to get more and more upgrades.

Practice makes perfect at this game, as the more often that you play, the better that you will get at this game just by your skills increasing. That is completely outside of all the upgrades you will be able to afford to purchase when you get more keys and more coins as well.