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Road Warriors – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Road Warriors is a new side-scrolling racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to customize and modify your car, then go up against a ton of racers and try to destroy all of them to finish in first place. You can increase your speed, flipping ability, and your defense so that you don’t get destroyed as well, and earn tons of coins so that you can upgrade your vehicles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Road Warriors!

Timing your flips is the most important thing to remember in this game. You want to jump at the end of a hill – not just coast off the hill and then flip, but jump so that you have more margin for error to work with. Do only enough flips that you think you can land them. If you come down on your nose, you won’t get credit with any of the flips, even if you very quickly reorient yourself.

Another reason to keep the flips going with high frequency is because of the obstacles, such as the large rocks. If you flip and then get a boost, you’ll smash straight through them. No boost, and you will end up damaging your vehicle. So it follows that the more often you get that flip boost, the less damage you will take.

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Engaging in combat with opposing cars is the most reliable way to pass them. You can pass them without destroying them but if you do, there’s always a chance that they could jump back ahead of you, especially when you hit a checkpoint. So engage with them and destroy them to prevent the risk of getting passed by them after you pass them the first time.

You will be able to purchase a number of different setups for your car using the loot chests, but before you auto-equip one, check what it will do to your stats. Oftentimes, one stat will go down while two others go up, or one will go up while two go down. If you’re not certain what you want to equip between two items, experiment with both of them for a couple of races to see which one you like better.

There will be a new race every day. You can always go back and unlock races from previous days if you didn’t download this on day 1, though (or even if you did and you just want to replay them). You will have to watch an ad video to unlock that specific day’s race; after you do that, it will stay unlocked.