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Robot Unicorn Attack 3 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Robot Unicorn Attack 3, also known as Robot Unicorn Attack Forever, is the latest game in the ridiculous endless-running series by [adult swim] for the iOS and Android platforms. Not only do you run and escape, as with the previous games, but you can build an entire army of unicorns, as well as a citadel to base them out of. You can collect tear stones and soul crystals, send unicorns out on raids to earn even more prizes, and run to work toward cancelling the apocalypse! Read on for some tips and tricks for Robot Unicorn Attack 3!

While the tutorial teaches you how to double jump and dash, a little-known trick is that you can triple-jump and quadruple-jump in this game, allowing you to cover almost any distance without falling and to get to extremely high platforms. To triple-jump, first do a double-jump, then dash, then jump again. Dash again and then jump again to quadruple-jump. You can cut the dash off early by jumping in the middle of it so that you don’t accidentally go too far.

The farther you go and the higher the score that you get with one of your unicorns, the more experience points that unicorn will get. Level it up to increase your multiplier for both experience points and tear stones. Rank it up, and you’ll be able to increase the level cap. Rank up your unicorn by fusing it with an identical unicorn.

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Hit the forge and you can trade either tear stones or soul crystals for more unicorns. The Soul Crystal Forge and Radiant Forge will generally have the best shot at earning you epic and legendary unicorns, but the Tear Stone Forge can get you some rares, also. Even commons are good to have around, since you can send them on common raids.

Once all of your runners die during a round, you will earn a specific number of tear stones as a bonus. If you have an internet connection, you will be able to watch a bonus video in exchange for doubling the amount of tear stones that you earn from that round. If you had a bad round, skip it as it doesn’t really make too much of a difference, but if you had a great round, then watch it.

Rank up the tier of your citadel and you will be able to unlock entirely new worlds, one world per new tier that you get. You can only upgrade the tier of your citadel once you increase its level to the maximum. Increase the power of your runners to get enough power to upgrade the citadel. Their power increases when they gain experience points. Upgrade all of your unicorns by switching back and forth between runners.