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Rocky (iOS game) – Tricks and Cheats: Tips and Strategies to Win Fights and Earn Gold and Fighters

Rocky is a new mobile game based on the Rocky movie franchise by Tapinator LLC. Your goal in this game is to build the size and reputation of your gym by fostering fighters, battling them against other players’ fighters, to collect as many fighters as possible, and to compete in global tournaments for huge prizes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rocky!

You can train a fighter whenever you want as long as you have the cash to do so; however, each time that you win a fight, your training multiplier goes up. It maxes out at x2.00, so when it gets there, train your fighter for the largest effect for the smallest amount of money spent. Do this unless you are stuck with that specific fighter; then train them early.

When you do go to train a fighter, you can pick one out of five stats to focus on. The other stats will be raised as well, just not to the degree of the main stat that you focus on. When you are deciding on whether to pick one or two stamina, focus on where the next bonus (green block or purple block) is. Try to avoid the pink blocks because if you land on one of them, your stat boost will drop, making your training less worthwhile.

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If you are stuck in the single-player battles, then go to the tournament battles and fight those to earn points. At the end of the tournament time, rewards will be doled out. Go for the toughest battles that you can handle because they will offer the most points per turn, and you need all the points that you can get because tournament plays are limited.

Smart and accurate tapping is key in the fights because if you tap outside of one of the colored blocks, you will take damage, not the other boxer. However, you’re going to need to tap fast when you have blocks overlapping each other. Tap with more than one finger alternating if you want to tap extremely quickly in order to get the attack blocks, which often get buried underneath the red defense blocks.

Don’t let your swipe charges go to waste by trying too hard to reach the 2x or 3x multiplier. Instead, swipe quickly and swipe often to take advantage of your charge attacks, especially because if you land a successful charge attack, you will knock out all of the red blocks, nullifying any potential punches against your boxer in the fight.