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Roll the Wall: Engage – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Roll the Wall: Engage is a new iOS and Android game that serves as a semisequel to Don’t Stop the Creeps. You play as some blocky little character sitting inside the middle of a wall that’s only half filled in. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible by rotating the wall so that you can block off all of the creeps before they get inside of the walls and kill you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Roll the Wall: Engage!

There are two main things that come at you. Creeps will come, and if you block them with the wall, you will earn one coin apiece. There will be coins that come as well, and you have to let them inside of your wall. If you let a coin in, then you will earn five coins apiece.

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In addition, you can earn 500 coins by watching an advertisement video any time that you want to after a round is done. You need a connection in order to do this, of course. Once the video is done, you will earn your free 500 coins. The more videos you watch, the more coins that you earn.

Those coins can then be spent on a brand new character. The character will have a changed appearance, though the gameplay will be exactly the same. The appearance of the creeps will also change if you switch characters – they will tend to become a miniature version of your character.

The only character that can’t be purchased with in-game coins is the Golden Piggy. You can purchase it through the in-app purchase store only. When you do purchase it, then you will end up earning coins 3x faster. One creep will be worth three coins, one flying coin in each stage will be worth fifteen coins, etc. This will speed up your coin earning dramatically.

Be sure to use your power ups wisely. The wall power up will give you a full wall for five creeps. The bomb power up will destroy all the ones that are on screen at the time. The ice one will slow everything down to half speed for awhile so that you can easily get caught up.