Roller Coaster (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide: How To Get High Scores

Roller Coaster is a new Ketchapp game where you play as a ball racing down a track and trying to get the highest score possible. Your goal is to run into the right obstacles, avoid the wrong ones, and shoot for the highest score possible. You can unlock all sorts of new balls and, in a possible first for a Ketchapp game, there is no currency involved at all. Read on for some tips and cheats and strategies for how to get a high score on Roller Coaster by Ketchapp!

There are two types of obstacles that pop up on the course. The pink obstacles are the good ones, and if you run into these, you get points. The black ones are the ones that will end your run if you hit them, so avoid them so that you can keep going and continuing on in the round.

If you run into the middle of each of the pink obstacles, you will get a perfect for them. The perfect won’t do anything the first time, or the second time, but when you run into the third one in a row, you will earn 20 points instead of 10. The fourth in a row earns you 30, the fifth earns you 40, and so on and so forth, for an endless amount of perfects.

Each of the unlockable balls can be unlocked by completing a specific score-related action. Some of them require you to top a specific score, but others will require you to earn an exact score – for example, 555 points. When you get to that specific score, launch yourself off of the side of the stage as quickly as possible and die and the score will stop increasing immediately.

If you unlock all of the balls that are in the game, then wait awhile for a new update to come along. The developers are always adding new balls to the game, along with new challenges that have to be completed for you to unlock all of these new balls, so wait for a bit and check back for updates and new balls will pop up with time.

Don’t get so caught up in trying to get all of the perfects that you put yourself at an undue risk for crashing into the wrong obstacles or falling off of the stage. Make survival your key focus. Get the perfects whenever it is safe to do so, but if a run takes longer, it’s worth it if your score is higher. Be sure to take the video offer to restart when you lose.