Rolling Sky 2: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Rolling Sky 2 is a new iOS and Android endless runner game with beautiful graphics and a musical theme for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to run through long, musically-themed stages so that you can earn stars, unlock new songs, get various buffs, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rolling Sky 2!

Each level is very difficult and very long; even the normal levels are hard, so the hard levels are horrendously bad. The main thing to look for in each stage is for the ground to change right before you run over it, so the obstacles rearrange, land disappears, and new obstacles pop up. Quick reflexes are the name of the game here; always be ready for the unexpected, because rarely will the expected route be the route that keeps you alive.

The controls can be a bit sensitive at times; one wrong move and you’ll go flying right off the stage, so you’ll need to master the feel of swiping from side to side in order to make accurate moves. You don’t need to worry about jumping; your character jumps automatically, so all that you have to worry about are the side to side movements.

Gems are not hard to come by in this game; the game loads you up with free gems, even when you don’t want them sometimes. When the narrator asks you for help reading a mysterious score, an ad will play and you will earn gems. When a floating musical note appears, tap it to play an ad and earn free gems. Even if you close out of it without watching an ad, you will still earn one gem.

You can change the quality of the graphics and do other modifications to the game if your phone isn’t strong enough to handle the full load or if your battery dies too fast. Go to the settings menu and modify the quality to anywhere between 1 and 5, with 5 being highest graphics quality. You can also turn off the music and sounds to ease up on the load to the system.

You can purchase various buff packages for anywhere between $2 and $10 US, or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency. These consist of various mixes of magic hourglasses, shields, revives, or super buffs. If you have a load of gems from all of the ad videos, you can also purchase specific buffs using gems.

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